Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Managed Indifference

Common Dreams reports for us today on ostensibly healthy attempts by the Department of Justice to make up for the abuses of the last thirty years, but it's not enough and that fact is so blatantly ignored that the acts affirmed prove only a weak and fearful unwillingness that others have every right to call bad faith, racism, corporatism, hatred, and indifference.

The US of all places should be able to do better by calling all its citizens to stand for brave acts of correction. The hatred that ruled the past does not need to be the standard for action as the fixes are put in.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Object Was Mistaken, We Have an End

The politeness, and if possible the visibility of this commentary, is closing down, now finally for my own reasons, affirmed in completion.

In specific contradiction of yesterday's post, all of the heavy and angry measures of criticism leveled from here and the variety of other locations on the phone, by letter, by visits to schools and offices, in the internet, and in communal meetings of a wide variety of kinds where this voice has been heard to comment over the past thirty years have proven tragically inadequate. The calculated front-grounding in subtle presumption was a mistaken flaw of bad faith, particularly because of its secretiveness. It is now finally apparent that my early observations were correct, my specific prescriptions were healthy, and the maturely honest coherence of any of them might have helped.

As you may know, to retain what respect for others was possible, the situation successfully engendered the intensification of my passion, a reluctant willingness compelled over years to birth my personal commitment to examining the circumstances alone, and my best efforts at carefully considered critical commentary, all of which also refined my perspective a great deal, and affirmed a personal sense of self I have lived with throughout this life.

And yet, while distracted from the progress I had thought possible by always more subtly insulting conditions and incredulous at the increasingly imposed isolation, I lived years of disruptive, reckless, dangerous rage and sarcastic complicity. The literal responses to that rage were the product of fraudulent, abusive, misguided, weakness and stupidity purchased by blood-thirsty meanness and hatred to achieve ill-gotten gains accomplished by profiteers of oil and war. The seeding of the tactic of insult and the fact that I was being treated as one 'against' an unmovable collective of exterior, rainbow-like, multi-colored, multi-ethnic, multi-funded agreement, eventually and weakly defended and explained as in competition with each other, finally made apparent that my activities were being corralled. As the direct result of that, today's only potentially favorable news is that at, "comply or go ahead and die," I still breathe.

Sad though predictable, the use made of this program of calculation, particularly as modulated by the management of the vicissitudes of human frailty by all that rainbow, and particularly its most influential managers and authoritarians (every one of whom has shown up as a coward), has failed. It is not possible for this voice to be adequately critical of the United States and further nuancing around the detail would be a waste of my time, life, energy, vitality and the now wholly invisible shred bits of hope for joy I might personally have liked to retain. All my respect for the human way is lost. ALL of  my respect for the human way is lost. Please don't ever hope to hear my voice again.

But remain reminded that existing convictions have changed here. Though I remain alone in your children's prison, I am unconvinced, no longer believing it possible to witness a shift on any meaningfully substantive scale from violence and violent thought in human relations to any form of honest focus on or responsible frame of reference for any of the life on or of this planet. That's a serious problem in a war of a kind that has been made quite real and it's right that I make sure to be clear. Hatred and greed have won the day and are destroying the planet. The damage done is insurmountable because of the resident excuse of meanness shielding fear in your collective agreement not to face facts and bear responsibility, while ineptitude excuses itself and authority only seeks to lay blame. Form your circles, face each other, load, and fire. This kind of friends Eluene never wanted.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Dated Context

It's right that I am critical, though I have been too excessively so, or feel today that the practice has engendered conditions more painful than communal, and stands ready next to produce what here are likely to be both unwelcome and unintended results, even if those are the product of the weaknesses of others, rather than myself. Focused on the moment, the reason for the shift I consider appropriate now may be seen as irrelevant. My habits of the most extreme critical practice have continued long enough that easing up some has become essential, as to do otherwise leaves me at risk of what would be an odd, ignoring intransigence in my own manner, and I cannot become what I chastise others for.

I am not here to blind the self to great goods. I have long seen great goods. I have long been able to look to visible great goods. New good things occur frequently. My attention has been upon the problems and now it's right to admit being able to see some advances in areas that had seemed immovable.

Though please remain reminded that~

A conclusion as to the propriety of a shift in attitude does not and cannot reduce existing convictions around those forms of sought results that rise from a clarity of intent spoken for in terms of standing witness to a broad scale shift from violence and violent thought in human relations to a focus on an honest and responsible frame of reference for all life within respect for the overall well-being of the planet.

I am offended by the reality of the experience I walk in for you and the mere choice for continuance of this manner of communication is a struggle. Observers will notice this.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Always for the Congress Now

Ladies & Gentlemen
My first and best only word in comment on this Common Dreams article is, “Sick.”

I'd like to see it as my responsibility to tell you why I say that. It's a very good example of a theme that uses step-by-step efforts at insulting the intelligence of the public through legitimizing intransigence and an inappropriate puritanical imposing of views around matters that are private, simultaneously intruding into those private matters by making them public and by the mere doing so, gathering a level of supposed permission and agreement that is neither earned nor warranted. This normative practice of the right collectively is offensive and sick.

There's more to that, but why belabor the commentary. Too frequently the right uses critics to frame their justifications for further improprieties.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Social Capitalism

A major change has occurred in the views necessary to sustain the work accomplished here.

Readers of this blog will continue to be pressed to awareness around the predominantly obscene facts of our day, through this author's invitations for attention to the work of others who have learned to press to a solutions based perspective that all ignored to our common and collective misfortune for far too long. An example is here. The explanations that remain for rule by intentional calculated ignorance are excuses and the resultant indifferent and convenient unawareness continues to hallmark only bad faith, sadly remaining alive even now. Irrespective of all of preference, the dire is real and right to view in that manner. What you don't know is harming others.

In other news, this author's sadly forced darkened perspective on the ruling class of our day remains the predominant product of an irresponsible, forced isolation accomplished by convenient denial that resulted from the conscious intent of those who either never wanted or intended to accept responsibility for the obvious, believe they have calculated their personal safety successfully against the likelihood of bearing any of the consequences, or remain adequately indifferent merely to prefer not to have to see, satisfied that surely what they cannot see need not be considered harmful or obligating of their actions in any way. The more widely you are able to see yourself in any of such terms, the more brave and potentially adult you will be naming yourself today. Please accept that challenge.

We all have a common obligation now and those who ignore that for the stated reasons, or any others, fail themselves, fail us all, and need to be pressed to the margins because of the irresponsibility such a perspective nonetheless affirms. In partial relief and politest terms, a prominently visible link has been added on the right here by means of which contributions may be made for the sustaining of the health, well-being and work of this author. If you can read these words, or for any reason choose to, then please mark yourself obligated to support the work of the Human Activity Network by using that link, or this to make an, at best business expense deduction, contribution in whatever amount you choose in order to display your support for an easing of our collectively difficult path toward a healthy world for all.

If you are interested in a wider and more specific introduction to the views of this author, you are welcomed and encouraged to purchase his book, which is possible at this link.

If you know of anyone else rightly impacted by what you learn here, encourage them to do any of the same. When the level of contribution rises to an adequacy appropriate to the accomplishment of a mature and responsible relationship with the requirements imposed by the collective denial that has ruled our circumstances until now, then the level of your permissible contributions will be announced and limited. Until then please consider yourself reminded that a major defalcation has occurred and produced a state of severe emergency over decades of indifference, weakness, and irresponsible denial which remains nowhere near repaired or resolved.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stars Among Us & the Firmament

The Real News is showing us straight, Black Lives Matter. One hundred fifty years have proven to us that racism cannot be hidden and this ostensibly Christian nation must no longer stand aside blind to the primary admonition of its hero Nazarene, being honest about racism and the ugly, deadly way it grows with the food of hatred, rather than obfuscating over how to vilify the feathers of each new public victim.

On top of that~
"The New System" Project of Gar Alperovitz and many others is right.
Code Pink is right.
Richard Wolff and Richard Heinberg are right.
Ellen Brown is right.
The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund is right.
One Billion Rising is right.
Bill Moyers and Democracy Now! are right.
Acceptance of all is imperative to right if we mean to live, understand and Love what great and good truth may reside in our human nature and evolution.
Navdanya is right.
Lori Wallach, Zeese & Flowers, Thom Hartmann, the Transition and Zeitgeist Movements, the Dalai Llama, Karmapa, and Peter Joseph are all right.
Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Cornel West, Paul Buchheit, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Robert Reich are right.
Johnston & Black of the Midwest are right.
Manning, Elsberg & Snowden are right.
PERI and Greenpeace are right.
Marshall Rosenberg, Naomi Klein, and Laura Flanders are right.
Very importantly and perhaps finally, Joe Stiglitz and the Roosevelt Institute are right.
Furthermore, the Pope is right.
Free access to mere health beyond all insurance process is right.
Allowing science rather than industrialized Wall Street profit mechanisms to define the pathway between the gifts of nature and our store shelves is right.
Defining purpose in life to the health and well-being of people and planet is right.

The end of indifferent death-dealing inequality is right.
The North Dakota State Bank is right.
Greece is right.
Spain is right.
Iceland had help to be right.
Throngs in the streets is right.
Occupy is right.
The cry of so many oppressed, finally heard aloud in the Arab Spring was right.
The honest internationalization of laws that protect everyone and end oppression, rather than capitalizing on it would be right.
Transparency that removes the veils causing us to fear and mistrust each other is right.
Ralph Nader has always been right.
Every link to the right on this page is probably still true as right. The Declaration of Revolution there was signed and re-dated on June 15th as effective again for election day 2016.

Industrialized capitalist democracy as we know it has failed. The adequate final proof is before us.

More people recognize their own ability to stand for truth every day. More people recognize every day that it is counter-intuitive (insulting to the least intelligence) to deny the blatantly obvious. Today, among other things, it is blatantly obvious that all the US public has long been being fed with convenient pablum in order to maintain the deception that the public has no control or authority over the daily reality and quality of life.

We are told that the only thing possible is to vote and elect different people, yet all the different people are each just one in a sea maintained by the same existing systemic model that only allows authority to the most wealthy and works actively against our right to vote.

 Only insiders advance in that system.

There is something larger here than all of us, larger still even than the wealth and struggles of billionaires. That something larger is all around everyone and calls us all with a silent voice that welcomes the blossoming of the truth that what gifts the Earth may offer are here for the common good of all. Perhaps that's the voice of the Earth, herself. Perhaps that is the silent knowing of the Infinite Divine that watches over us and breathes constantly with creative authority in each of our hands and lives. Fate is not in charge. We are in charge.

As the many common breaths, speaking living and walking in us all, including all the far too many granting their lives to that larger truth each day, there is nothing that may be left out. To those who may listen the most closely to me, I have been known to say that, "if I can see an issue at all, it must be dealt with!" The authority in that permission, truly now, belongs to each of us. And we ARE moving up the mountain from a thousand different directions.

Greece, Podemos, the Roosevelt Institute, the New System Project are people and purpose. Many are the places now where issues real to us all are being struggled with, researched and standing capable of being coordinated and compiled into a new living whole. Nothing honestly problematic for anyone may any longer be ignored and we live our days now in a burgeoning miracle of imagination, possibility, and truth. We are equipped for true good and economists are capable of admitting publicly both that and immense error has been committed and that we are meet and right to fix our flaw. Best about that is that intelligence has found true voice in a manner of expression that welcomes and permits the burgeoning of truth beyond a rigid necessity of competition finally still bound in little more that the emotion, fear of loss.

This is progress, we are as a toboggan.

The likely advancing expansion of the list on this page and the links it offers may be anticipated. This effort is the true life purpose of everyone alive today.  That is respecting the honest pace of truth as it courses along the way of our days and lives.

Buy MY book and don't excuse yourself from the obligation not to do harm. We are beyond the obligation of doing violent harm to resolve our issues with each other and that is the main challenge and the main gift of our moment in human history. We are meet to the full application of the best of our intelligence, emotion, and technology.