Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stars Among Us & the Firmament

The Real News is showing us straight, Black Lives Matter. One hundred fifty years have proven to us that racism cannot be hidden and this ostensibly Christian nation must no longer stand aside blind to the primary admonition of its hero Nazarene, being honest about racism and the ugly, deadly way it grows with the food of hatred, rather than obfuscating over how to vilify the feathers of each new public victim.

On top of that~
"The New System" Project of Gar Alperovitz and many others is right.
Code Pink is right.
Richard Wolff and Richard Heinberg are right.
Ellen Brown is right.
The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund is right.
One Billion Rising is right.
Bill Moyers and Democracy Now! are right.
Acceptance of all is imperative to right if we mean to live, understand and Love what great and good truth may reside in our human nature and evolution.
Navdanya is right.
Lori Wallach, Zeese & Flowers, Thom Hartmann, the Transition and Zeitgeist Movements, the Dalai Llama, Karmapa, and Peter Joseph are all right.
Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Cornel West, Paul Buchheit, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Robert Reich are right.
Johnston & Black of the Midwest are right.
Manning, Elsberg & Snowden are right.
PERI and Greenpeace are right.
Marshall Rosenberg, Naomi Klein, and Laura Flanders are right.
Very importantly and perhaps finally, Joe Stiglitz and the Roosevelt Institute are right.
Furthermore, the Pope is right.
Free access to mere health beyond all insurance process is right.
Allowing science rather than industrialized Wall Street profit mechanisms to define the pathway between the gifts of nature and our store shelves is right.
Defining purpose in life to the health and well-being of people and planet is right.

The end of indifferent death-dealing inequality is right.
The North Dakota State Bank is right.
Greece is right.
Spain is right.
Iceland had help to be right.
Throngs in the streets is right.
Occupy is right.
The cry of so many oppressed, finally heard aloud in the Arab Spring was right.
The honest internationalization of laws that protect everyone and end oppression, rather than capitalizing on it would be right.
Transparency that removes the veils causing us to fear and mistrust each other is right.
Ralph Nader has always been right.
Every link to the right on this page is probably still true as right. The Declaration of Revolution there was signed and re-dated on June 15th as effective again for election day 2016.

Industrialized capitalist democracy as we know it has failed. The adequate final proof is before us.

More people recognize their own ability to stand for truth every day. More people recognize every day that it is counter-intuitive (insulting to the least intelligence) to deny the blatantly obvious. Today, among other things, it is blatantly obvious that all the US public has long been being fed with convenient pablum in order to maintain the deception that the public has no control or authority over the daily reality and quality of life.

We are told that the only thing possible is to vote and elect different people, yet all the different people are each just one in a sea maintained by the same existing systemic model that only allows authority to the most wealthy and works actively against our right to vote.

 Only insiders advance in that system.

There is something larger here than all of us, larger still even than the wealth and struggles of billionaires. That something larger is all around everyone and calls us all with a silent voice that welcomes the blossoming of the truth that what gifts the Earth may offer are here for the common good of all. Perhaps that's the voice of the Earth, herself. Perhaps that is the silent knowing of the Infinite Divine that watches over us and breathes constantly with creative authority in each of our hands and lives. Fate is not in charge. We are in charge.

As the many common breaths, speaking living and walking in us all, including all the far too many granting their lives to that larger truth each day, there is nothing that may be left out. To those who may listen the most closely to me, I have been known to say that, "if I can see an issue at all, it must be dealt with!" The authority in that permission, truly now, belongs to each of us. And we ARE moving up the mountain from a thousand different directions.

Greece, Podemos, the Roosevelt Institute, the New System Project are people and purpose. Many are the places now where issues real to us all are being struggled with, researched and standing capable of being coordinated and compiled into a new living whole. Nothing honestly problematic for anyone may any longer be ignored and we live our days now in a burgeoning miracle of imagination, possibility, and truth. We are equipped for true good and economists are capable of admitting publicly both that and immense error has been committed and that we are meet and right to fix our flaw. Best about that is that intelligence has found true voice in a manner of expression that welcomes and permits the burgeoning of truth beyond a rigid necessity of competition finally still bound in little more that the emotion, fear of loss.

This is progress, we are as a toboggan.

The likely advancing expansion of the list on this page and the links it offers may be anticipated. This effort is the true life purpose of everyone alive today.  That is respecting the honest pace of truth as it courses along the way of our days and lives.

Buy MY book and don't excuse yourself from the obligation not to do harm. We are beyond the obligation of doing violent harm to resolve our issues with each other and that is the main challenge and the main gift of our moment in human history. We are meet to the full application of the best of our intelligence, emotion, and technology.

Monday, April 13, 2015


This site is being taken down, to be replaced with a shift to a more constructive perspective.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

News of the Amazing

Reprinted from RT News~

Paris bans 50% of cars and makes public transport free due to smog

Authorities in the French capital have reported that only half of cars will be allowed to drive in the city from Monday due to air pollution in the city as experts believe it will exceed the recommended maximum. Exceptions will be made only for taxis, emergency services, electric cars and vehicles which carry over three persons. The authorities will be making public transport free, as well as organizing a bike-sharing program to provide the locals with the opportunity to give up cars until the situation improves.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


George Bush could earn his right to be in Selma by causing that bridge to be renamed in honor of Abraham Lincoln. Perhaps then, and perhaps by fighting through that issue as widely as necessary the nation could face some elemental rehabilitation and reaffirm the end of that secession-think that was born those hundred and fifty years ago and brought to its official end with so many lives.

Those who revere the nation must be allowed to know how to respect its best. After all, it was President Lincoln who won that war. Not to keep that fact clear is what occurs in so controversial a place when consistent action in the living history of that war is not maintained.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Truth Bites the Naked Cowards

If The Scientific Evidence Was Going To Shift The System, It Would Have Done So By Now.

Read it and creep away, overpaid lying fools. And as before, so again. Unfunded reality renders all your daily life corrupt and failed. And as usual now, this message comes to you officially for the umpteenth time. The only possible reasonable relief from the shame I deal up for you is my ability to place the responsibility at my own feet, though that doesn't change the facts any more today than it ever has.

I wish it had all been different. I took up my own attention for the serious necessity of us all far too late. It may still be that I have not succeeded in taking up to that serious necessity even yet. The facts certainly seem to bear that out, unfortunately. Perhaps my own extraction from the failure imposed by the denial so easy for my invisible band of readers remains what's left. You are no more entitled to my carefully crafted condemnations than you were to my radical left ideas that you used, to the now deep detriment of us all, to affirm your own racist, indifferent greed and intransigence.